Had some great runs down in Mexico
the other night, thought I'd share. All three of these are kills and loses as we
raced multiple times and we were all close matches.

The M3 is pushing
somewhere in the 650 WHP range, got me by 1-2 car lengths from 60-160. Beat him
once from 40-140 but he spun a little in 2nd so I got lucky. Still a close race.
Waiting on videos.

The 2013 Shelby GT500 was bone stock. He and I were a
a great match. If we started at 40 he would win by a little (had to keep boost
limited to 18 psi in 2nd due to traction), from 60 I had him by a car or two.


I didn't get videos of the Ducati unfortunately but it was a great match. 80-150 I
was just barely pulling on him. He was shocked to say the least.

Mods are in sig. Still street tuning my boost control/ duty bias as I go but I was
around 24 psi tapering to 22psi at redline. E40 mix with trick 101 as the base
fuel. Had to short shift a bit as I usually get the DMFW false clyinder 6
misfire near redline.