• 2015 F10 M5 Competition Package stock and BMS tuned S63TU twin turbo V8 dyno numbers

      The F10 M5 is heavily underrated which should be common knowledge at this point. The standard F10 M5 routinely shows power in the ~520 wheel horsepower range despite a 560 horsepower crank rating. So what does the Competition Package boost output of the S63TU V8 to? On paper it is supposed to be a 15 horsepower increase at the crank. In practice, the difference is roughly 30 horsepower at the wheels.

      The Dynojet graph below shows 561 horsepower at the wheels. BMW is sandbagging the output and it helps explain why the Competition Package cars are trapping almost 3 miles per hour higher in the quarter mile. The difference is definitely larger than just 15 horsepower at the crank.

      Does that make the Competition Package worth the money? Considering a BMS piggyback tune pushes the F10 M5 over 600 wheel horsepower for a fraction of the cost, not really.

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        leveraged sellout -
        HP is just one small part of it. First, you can throw a piggyback on the comp package car and have some respectable gains as well. But the power curve is better with the comp package as well. In addition, you get the better exhaust, which sounds nicer. There's also new shocks, springs, roll bars, a new set of algos for the M diff, better steering, and some bushing changes as well. Plus it includes the 20" wheel upgrade. So, realistically, you're only paying 6k for it.

        Worth it? Maybe not. But by all accounts it massively improves the feel and handling of the car. And the spring drop helps the look a little too.
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        Sticky -
        The M5 stock should offer the Competition Package. Having to pay extra to improve the steering feel in an M car is insane.