• Fastest OBDI BMW in the USA - GTX35R turbo E30 goes 9.737 @ 147.46

      147.46 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile is flat out fast. For this particular E30, that is enough to make it the fastest OBDI BMW in the United States. This is a chassis design over three decades old pulling 1/4 mile times on par (if not slightly quicker and faster) than the brand new million plus dollar Porsche 918 Spyder. You do not need to spend a ton of money to go fast and that is the beauty of the aftermarket.

      Imagine the look on the face of 918 Spyder owner if you smoked him with a relatively stock looking E30 BMW from the 80's. Obviously we would all rather have the hyper exotic but not having to spend a million plus to run 9's is nice too.

      This car has a built M50 engine variant paired to a GTX35R. It is running 80 lb injectors and is tuned by RK-Tunes. Very impressive performance from a classic boosted with modern parts and tuning.

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      1. ticat928's Avatar
        ticat928 -
        the E 30 has great chassis, when I got mine used I was in awe when I looked underneath, it huge aluminum control arms that certainly where capable of handling large loads and feed them into the uni-body across a much larger area of reinforced sheet metal than one would expect for a 2600-lb car, it looked more appropriate for a 4,000 lb car.

        To prove my assessment I hitched my 20' 3000-lb instead of my Mustang 5.0 which was scary while towing.
        Result on 300-mile round trip I forgot it was even there it was so stable and tight.

        Excellent choice for a HP to weight ratio engine transplant
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        Sticky -
        The E30 is all about power to weight.
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        onisyndicate -
        I love me some E30s and E28s.