• Iroz Motorsport improves the overall Audi 2.5 TFSI 1/4 mile record to 8.43@168.09

      Just a few days ago Iroz Motorsport set the global 2.5 TFSI 1/4 mile record with their 8V RS3 sedan shop car. It seems @HankIroz was not satisfied and he improved the overall record to 8.432 seconds @ 168.09 miles per hour.

      He says he is still dialing it in. Does that mean we could potentially see a 170+ mile per hour trap speed?

      As for the secret sauce at work Iroz would have to share but this is tuned on a Syvecs standalone ECU with obviously a built 2.5 TFSI motor and upgraded transmission.

      Apparently not much weight is stripped out either as the cage and parachute add a bit of weight.

      Just incredible!

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        richpike -
        Damn. Every single day it’s getting better. That’s one of the great things about the RS3 vs cars like the 335 or even M3/4 - you see more actual quarter mile runs (and records) with the RS3 than dyno sheets. Always great to see real world time slips and/or draggy data.

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        I happened to be in Vegas for a job walk a couple weeks ago, and stopped in to chat with my friend Hank. he took me for a spin in the car, and i have to say that it is a forking BEAST! my own car is quick and fast, and hes been featured on here before. but Hanks car is a completely different animal. it pulls like nothing else. if i had been on the video for the first hit, it would have been a classic Youtube "HOLY SH*T" video, no lie.

        and yeah, his goal is to break 170. he isnt a drag racer, he is just a guy working to provide to a market targeting this platform. and he is making it happen.

        and yes, if he really wanted to he can take the kids to soccer practice in it still.
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        135idct -
        is it on NOS?
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 135idct Click here to enlarge
        is it on NOS?
        Turbo only to my knowledge @HankIroz