• Unitronic releases new 4" inch Turbo Inlet Elbow for the 2.5TFSI EA855 EVO (DAZA) engines - 8V RS3, 8S TT-RS

      If you want as much flow as possible going to your 2.5 TFSI turbo you are going to want this four inch turbo inlet from Unitronic. This is a new design with a 28% increase over stock. Whether you have a factory turbo or hybrid upgrade this will apply to you and is completely bolt in.

      • 28% increase in flow over stock
      • Proven power, torque, and airflow gains
      • Modular CNC-machined billet Aluminum compressor inlet adapter rings
      • Fully integrated PCV recirculation artery
      • OEM PCV functionality for adequate crankcase ventilation
      • Aircraft grade cast Aluminum construction
      • CNC-machined mounting flanges, inlet and outlets
      • Smooth airflow transitions
      • Direct bolt-on fitment

      2017-2019 Audi RS 3 (DAZA)
      2018-2019 Audi TT RS (DAZA)
      NOTE: This product is compatible with Left Hand Drive (LHD) models only.

      Check out the flow bench figures:

      Using its in-house Superflow SF-1020 Flow Bench, Unitronic Engineers further validated designs to ensure that the Unitronic 4” Turbo Inlet effectively optimizes airflow in a variety of conditions. The OEM inlet yielded a peak flow rate of 581 CFM at 28” of H2O (Aq), while the Unitronic 4” Turbo Inlet Elbow achieved 744 CFM, for a gain of 28% over the OEM inlet.

      Unitronic explains their design here:

      Overall product design proceeds through, not only focusing on increasing overall performance of the product, but also the small and often overlooked aspects of the product’s design and function are of utmost importance to Unitronic. With a product like this 4” Inlet, it was important for aspects such as positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) to be analyzed to ensure that the PCV system will continue to function as originally intended by Audi’s Engineers, allowing crankcase pressure to be properly ventilated, as we all know what can happen over the long term, when crankcase pressure is not properly managed. As a result, extra attention was spent to allow for a complete one-piece PCV design. In keeping consistent with the factory emissions and PCV systems, Unitronic’s fully integrated PCV routing functions as it was originally intended. A pressure plot of the PCV exit shows that it has been positioned for optimized function, aligned with the factory’s intent.
      At $499.99 this is a no-brainer.

      Product page:

      Hardware Included

      • Unitronic 4" Turbo Inlet Elbow for 2.5 TFSI EVO
      • 1 x Unitronic Adapter Ring (56.5 mm, 62.8 mm, 66 mm or 70 mm)
      • Silicone Vacuum Line
      • All Necessary Hardware Included

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