• APR helps build the world's fastest armored car - 202 mph bulletproof Audi RS7

      Armor is awesome but the added protection offered comes at the expense of weight. Armored cars are very, very heavy. You can offset the acceleration penalty with more power and when it comes to adding power reliably to the Audi RS7 APR is the best of the best.

      That is what makes this armored RS7 so cool. Not only does it offer lighter protection than traditional armor designs but if one needs to get away from a threat in a hurry it has plenty of power to do so. Unlike some bulky SUV it will move quickly with its 760 horsepower at its disposal all the way to 202 miles per hour.

      AddArmor is the company who built the armor system and they used lighter polycarbonate composites in the design rather than traditional steel. The armor only adds about 200 pounds to the car.

      Quote Originally Posted by Addarmor
      With the new AddArmor APR RS7, we wanted to demonstrate how today’s armoring technology allows drivers to pick from a wide range of cars not normally associated with armored vehicles. That small amount of weight allows for exotic sports cars and even electric vehicles to be nicely armored without compromising their performance or range. The key difference is AddArmor uses a polycarbonate composite instead of heavy steel plating. The weave offers a much stronger, lighter package that simultaneously allows the car to be much faster.
      It makes sense to us. You still want performance without a huge compromise for your protection.

      AddArmor goes practically James Bond with gadgets including electric shock handles, tear gas, smoke, etc.:

      There is even night vision and frequency disruptors to disable drones.

      The price for all of this? $205,000 including the price of the car. That is not bad at all.

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