• RK Tunes offering largest BMW F90 M5 front mount S63TU2 V8 air intakes - Dyno gains

      There are plenty of intake options for the F90 M5 on the market but not all are created equal. RK Tunes has a 3.5 inch design which is the largest from all of the aftermarket options. The idea is to obviously feed in as much air as possible.

      The design utilizes aluminum piping that can be powder coated any color:

      Sure they look nice but the idea is performance gains. The majority of the gain with the intakes comes up top in the rev range.

      To really take advantage of the additional flow you will want to pair them with a tune and ideally with a tune and downpipes:

      Pricing is $1800:

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      1. Eleventeen's Avatar
        Eleventeen -
        So they want to charge $1800 for something that looks like itís from, and they donít even provide a dyno run before the DPís were added to know if the intakes even make any power??? LOL

        Also, why does the torque curve on the E85 run look like a roller coaster ride and make less torque than the 93 tune?
      1. E92 420's Avatar
        E92 420 -
        $1800 Really!!

        You can an eventuri Intake for a few dollars more!

        I know what id go for
      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        pretty healthy margin there....Click here to enlarge
      1. Evan Patak's Avatar
        Evan Patak -
        $1,800? LOL

        If they charge $1,800 for that then I should start replicating my custom "garage special" N54 intake for a fair market value of $2,200.

        They have larger piping but my system includes a velocity stack and a PCV bung.


        Click here to enlarge