• Turbosystems offering 850+ hp BMW F90 M5 S63TU2 turbo upgrade

      Again, big claims from Turbosystems Lithuania and again little data to back them up. Recently Turbosystems claimed to have a 1000+ horsepower Mercedes-AMG M177 turbo upgrade solution and now they are claiming their BMW F90 M5 S63TU2 turbo upgrade is good for 850+ horsepower.

      Is it? Probably but it would be better to announce an upgrade showing the claimed output has been hit which inspires confidence rather than just throwing out a theoretical output figure.

      Obviously F90 M5's will have no trouble topping 850+ horsepower in the aftermarket and several already have.

      More data should accompany these releases if we are to take the company seriously.

      Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for BMW S63B44T4 features:

      • dual ceramic ball bearings;
      • reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheels - 52/64mm;
      • enlarged turbine wheels;
      • refurbished housings;
      • new shafts;
      • balanced on VSR;

      Power range: up to 850hp

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      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Looks pretty good, now to actually get some data and numbers!
      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        they come with EWG?
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 135idct Click here to enlarge
        they come with EWG?
        Yes, F90 are EWG.
      1. Jiaim's Avatar
        Jiaim -
        vs-performance from russia uses turbosystems turbos and they post results ont instagram.