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Sticky created the thread Volkswagen determined to have the world's most powerful four-cylinder - Introducing spectacular the MKVII Golf R 400 Concept.
" Volkswagen is not playing around when it comes to turbocharged four-cylinder performance at least. There is a reason Volkswagen lured AMG's head of engine development Friedrich Eichler away (likely with a wheelbarrow full of money). Eichler is the man responsible for the M133 AMG 2.0 liter four-cylinder in the CLA45 AMG which currently holds the world's most powerful production four-cylinder title at an underrated 355 horses.

Enter the Golf R 400 which previews Volkswagen's hotter EA888 2.0 liter direct injected and turbocharged four-cylinder motor. You guessed it, output is 400 PS (395 horses) placing the Golf R 400 considerably ahead of the 45 AMG models. It also revs higher going to 7200 rpm. This power is sent to all four wheels through a 6-speed dual clutch DSG gearbox.

The 331 lb-ft of torque combined with the all wheel drive and dual clutch make for a quick and likely conservative 0-60 sprint of 3.9 seconds. This time is helped out by the 3130 pound-curb weight which is incredible for an wheel drive Golf.

Volkswagen, this is the kind of car you build if you want to turn things around in the USA. This is the kind of car with attitude that will get you noticed. Who is not going to like a Golf that can dust a Porsche 911?

If you built it, they will come. Which considering your track record probably means you won't do it. If you do go through with it do not make the mistake of not bringing this car to the USA. We may just never forgive you. Seriously, keep your Phaeton and give us this instead. "

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Sticky replied to the thread Hennessy scared of the competition?.
Quote Originally Posted by Maverick1975 View Post
How many venom's has he actually sold? Apart from Steve Tyler's
Apparently all of them?

I doubt Steven Tyler knows what he is doing. "

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SteveAZ replied to the thread Got my Blackstone oil analysis report back.....
Quote Originally Posted by ovitrix View Post
Looks good Steve! How many miles do you have in your car? I use the same oil like you since 50k miles. i should send a sample of my oil to blackstone to see the result. I have 120k miles. Tuned since 30k miles.
The car had 40400 miles on it, modded and using Mobile 1 for 15K.

Quote Originally Posted by nitehawk View Post
E85 CP injection, why? If you're running 100% E85, is there really much to gain?
There are some IAT benefits and to supplement the HPFP. Now that I know all is good, I don't have cylinder washing, and havent had any apparent issue with distribution or atomization, I plan on testing a .375lpm nozzle. Up until now I've been running a .225lpm nozzle. "

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lulz_m3 created the thread Klipseracer.
" Go fuck yourself @klipseracer "

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DavidV replied to the thread The new sound of Formula 1....FAIL.
Quote Originally Posted by mjmarovi View Post
I'm stopped listening once he started talking about carbon footprint
Maybe you should listen some more. He was actually talking about responsability of the sport.
Ron Dennis, as sporting director of Mc Laren, is very knowledgable about the politics and technique in F1.
He is very outspoken and worth listening to.
And in this interview he's saying some very true things about people's motives to their reactions. "

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xbox_fan replied to the thread OEM electric connectors.
Quote Originally Posted by VargasTurboTech View Post
You would think so wouldn't you. But in trying to get certain connectors from the dealer for our projects, they basically said. Yeah you buy the whole harness or nothing at all. We don't sell single connectors silly rabbit.
This is the response I got to, buy the whole harness... "

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musc replied to the thread The difference a DCT makes - BMS Tuned 2014 F10 M5 vs. two BMS tuned E92 335 N54's with upgraded twin turbos from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post

Keep in mind the N54 DCT timing at post shift rarely drops in the negative and has an instant recovery.
This! Love my DCT except when launching, lol. "

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musc replied to the thread This is the 2015 F82 M4 S55 twin turbo inline-6 startup and exhaust note sound.
" Not terrible but not great "

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Maverick1975 replied to the thread Hennessy scared of the competition?.
" How many venom's has he actually sold? Apart from Steve Tyler's "

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mark0006 replied to the thread Porsche 991 GT3 with Fostla.de wrap.
" I like it, but much prefer the martini color scheme. "

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" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Ziggy. "

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xbox_fan replied to the thread Warnings to 335is owners and possible others?.
Quote Originally Posted by mithiral67 View Post
love your 997tt.

I dont know a thing about the BB flash, i will use it as a last resort if cracking the new rom takes long.

The BB flash is really easy to use, get a BT cable (or borrow one), first step is to make a backup of your current rom. Save it somewhere safe and then just write a old stock rom to your ECU.

And then reinstall the Cobb on that and wait for support to be added. "

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wakeboarderd replied to the thread Bimmerboost flash - Bricked ECU!.
Quote Originally Posted by V8Bait View Post
When you click "write ECU" you choose the file and then there's a tab at the top or an advanced options button or something (don't remember exactly) with an option to force write. Might need to unplug the battery for a few minutes first, and you might have to do a normal write afterwards if the force fails/doesn't work. Force write is a good way of forcing the computer out of a state where it doesn't want to listen to you so you can try again at worst case. Used to come in handy on my K-Line often.
I assume this works when my bimmerboost flash says it can't connect to the control module? Annoying as the first flash I did awhile back worked perfectly. "

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AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at clickmo.
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